A concept for mobile healthcare (in 48 hours)


AngelHack Hackathon


Visual Design


December 2016 (48 hours)


Anand Chowdhary


This project was completed as a part of a 48-hour hackathon. The task was to design an application that solves problems in the personal healthcare domain in India.

Our team decided to create a mobile app that performed daily check-ins as well as presented data for symptomatic as well as long-term treatments. This app would serve as an all-in-one hub for personal healthcare.

How might we design an app to help people live healthier lives?


Our idea for the home screen was to have a survey that asked the person how they were feeling. This would show the user different information depending on what they selected.

The home screen

User options

If the user is feeling unwell, the app allows them to select their symptoms through an interactive form and then shows them the results of common illnesses using a medically-provided dataset. Users also have the choice of booking an appointment with a doctor or calling an ambulance.

Symptom diagnosis

The user can then choose to begin treatment at home using common supplies and measures.

Self-treatment flow

If the user does not feel better after self-administration, they can instantly book an appointment with a doctor for further diagnosis.

Post-treatment flow

Appointment booking flow

Finally, the user also has the option of calling an ambulance in case of emergencies and sharing their information with trusted contacts.

Emergency services flow


This project was completed within 48 hours at a hackathon. I learned to work with the iOS Human Interface Guidelines extensively and understood the importance of design systems. In the future, I would like to revisit this project and conduct thorough research, testing, and validation to ensure that the application serves the needs of the users it aims to target.