Baymax is a personal healthcare companion for everyone.

About the project

The idea is pretty simple — like in the movie, we need a personal healthcare companion, someone who can help us medically when we need it to, both by providing the right information to us and helping us get in touch with the right medical professionals.

If you’ve stubbed your toe a little, Baymax will tell you how to make the swelling go away and will help you get well by providing a treatment. If that doesn’t work, Baymax will connect you to your doctor and schedule an appointment with her. He’s a companion who’s always there.

When you open the app, you’re greeted with the question “How are you feeling today?” and you can pick one of the options “Happy,” “Blah,” or “Unhappy,” and Baymax will help you get happy (if you‘re not already.)

If you’re already feeling well, Baymax will suggest some good activities for staying well, like exercising or doing yoga, and inspiring articles that will help you lead a healthier life. This is like a suggested reading list to stay fit from sources like Harvard Health and Fitness Magazine.

If you are not feeling happy, Baymax will ask you about your health. If you’re physically healthy but feeling unhappy, it’ll simply connect you with your psychologist, but if you’re not feeling healthy, he’ll help you get better. There are also options for Immediate Assistance, if you require emergency services, want to speak to your doctor, or need to locate your chemist.

If you are not feeling well, Baymax asks you to enter your symptoms and looks for what you might have. It finds the most probable illness and prompts you to start your treatment. Based on results from leading health databases like WebMD, you go through the treatment, using your phone as a monitor, and overcome your illness.

After you’ve finished your recovery, Baymax asks you if you’re feeling well. If you are, that’s great, but if you aren’t, Baymax contacts your doctor and automatically sets an appointment for you. A notification is sent to both of your phones, and your appointment is confirmed at the earliest time your doctor is available.

What’s great about Baymax is that even if he’s not completely able to cure your illness, you have already connected your doctors, and he takes care of all the time-consuming work a patient might not be willing to do, like calling to schedule an appointment or drive to the hospital.

Not only does Baymax also manage your complete schedule like the timings for your medication and exercise, he also adds your doctor’s appointments to your schedule and reminds you 10 minutes before you need to leave to make it there on time.

Baymax helps you navigate to or call an Uber to your hospital before an appointment, and even manages your prescription for you after the doctor has performed your diagnostics.

He automatically detects when you’re near a pharmacy and send you a notification to purchase the medication your doctor has recommended. You don’t need a paper prescription or remember the dosage, your chemist will just scan the QR code and have all that information available to her, and the amount and timing of your dosage is automatically added to your schedule.

All this is great, but there are times when you don’t have time to go through a self-help procedure, or even call your doctor. In case of an accident or emergency, Baymax helps you call an ambulance to your location or send your location to your emergency contacts by tapping on the “Emergency” button.

Baymax finds the closest hospital from your location and calls an ambulance from there. The problem will dialing 102 is that you spend precious time in explaining your precise location, whereas those minutes should actually be used in sending help as soon as possible. Baymax eliminates that process by detecting your location via GPS and calling an ambulance in seconds.

The applications of this feature are immense. If you’re a pregnant woman who doesn’t have anyone to drive her to the hospital, you can quickly ask Baymax to call you an ambulance. Even if you’re unconscious, someone else can quickly open Baymax on your (or their own) phone and call an ambulance for you. It’s super quick and incredibly helpful.

Baymax also comes with other features that are often ignored, but have a ton of impact on our lives, like public announcements. If there’s a sudden widespread of a disease in your city, your government can send an announcement to your phone using Baymax, with suggestions on how to keep yourself safe and contact information.

There are currently over 76 million smartphone users in India, and it is projected that that number will overtake the US’s by the end of this year. Imagine if the government could send an emergency broadcast message to all of those millions of people instantly.

In the Settings screen, you can set up your doctors who Baymax will contact when you need them, and your contacts, who Baymax will send your location in case of an emergency. You can also easily download and print your past reports and connect to a smartwatch for tracking your daily exercise and heartbeat. Baymax is everything you need him to be.