Indikala is Asia's favourite online store for Indian handicrafts and home decor.

About the project

Indikala is Asia’s premier online store for Indian handicrafts and home decor.

I led the design team to overhaul the visual identity of the store as it debuted in European and North American markets. The task was to create a unique and memorable visual identity which would resonate with existing customers and would help increase conversion rates for new ones.

The process

Before rushing in to create a new brand identity, it was important to examine the previous one and observe where it worked and where it didn’t.

The old logo

For one, the logo had no singular recognisable element. The logomark was complicated and the fact that it used a generic stylised typeface only worsened the matter. While the subtle color palette worked till an extent, it did not evoke the feeling of ‘India’ or ‘handicrafts’.

India. That’s what we wanted the brand identity to say.

We started with the color palette. India is a colorful country — it even has a day dedicated to colors, each year.

The colors of India

We finally decided upon a combination of royal purple and a golden-yellow, for are colors traditionally associated with royalty and finesse: something which the company strived to provide as a part of the customer experience.

The color palette

Since we wanted to use letters in our logo, it was important to choose a typeface first. The team unanimously decided on a combination of Noto Sans (Google’s new typeface focussed on bringing a uniform look across all languages) and the classic Proxima Nova.

After reviewing multiple options, the logo was finalised — ka — the first consonant of the Devanagari alphabet. It signified beginnings and resonanted well with the Indian diaspora, both of which were appropriate for the advent of the company into international markets. We were able to subtly include the outline of an elephant, something bound to Indian culture, into the curves of the logo.

The elephant in the logo
The business card
The logotype
The social media branding