MINET X is the Delhi-NCR's premier technology symposium hosted by the technology club of The Mother's International School, MINET.

I served as the president of the club from 2016 to 2018 and played a key role in design, development, and overall logistics of the same.

About the project

MINET X was my highschool’s annual technology symposium hosted by the technology club, MINET. The event brings 500+ participants together from highschools all over India to battle it out for the final trophy.

My task was to lead the design team to create everything from the event website to the branding of posters and ID cards, keeping it consistent with the ‘Make’ philosophy of the club.

The philosphy

When faced with the seemingly insurmountable, we resort to our inherent ingenuity to deal with it. We make things. Things of utility. Things of majesty. Things that make you stop and think how you didn’t think of a solution so elegant to a problem so daunting.

The process

Using a combination of Apple’s San Francisco Mono and Adobe Garamond Pro, we started testing layouts for the website. Throughout the process, our focus was always on communicating the information to the user. Thus, with generous white spacing and using a combination of font-weights and sizes to structure the hierarchy, we managed to finalise the design of our website.

The front-end was coded in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I wrote the entire backend (for signing up, accessing the portal, and keeping track of scores) in NodeJS.

The website was then converted into modules and translated into Pug, a templating engine which helped keep the code clean and easy to manage.

The entire website was hosted on Heroku and routed through Cloudflare which helped handle traffic and also provided detailed analytics.

The landing & FAQs pages
The travel page

Print design

Next, we had to design the ID cards for the participants, the organising team, and the volunteers. We decided to go with a simple combination of the club’s logotype and a one-word tag of the type of badge: Participant, Organiser, or Volunteer.

This not only looked clean, but also helped us minimise printing costs.

The ID card

Consistent with the ‘Make’ theme, a series of posters was created featuring the most influential ‘Makers’ of our generation.

The series of posters


The event was a grand success. Everything emerged well planned and the design was consistent throughout. There was no down time on the website even though the traffic was unexpectedly high.

Overall, the design served its purpose and was appreciated by everyone present.