Project Element

Project Element was an initiative to help students find their passion through a series of interactive workshops which benefitted over 3,000.

About the project

In the summer of 2015, my highschool’s graduating class took up an initiative with the aim of helping students discover their passions. Working with the best of the class of 2015 in 18 different fields, they conducted a series of workshops that were attended by over 100 students along with interactive online content that benefitted over 3,000.

I was part of the design and development team that was responsible for building a framework for the interactive content for all 18 fields, the event website, and a keynote video that featured the likes of Steve Jobs and Sir Ken Robinson as narrators.

The philosophy

You are designed for a purpose; something you are uniquely suited to. You show both a natural inclination towards it and a liking for it, and while doing it you maximize your capacity for brilliance. It is this something which is said to be your ‘element’.

The introduction video

The process

The accent color to the otherwise monochromatic palette was chosen to be a subtle shade of golden. The typefaces were a combination of Adobe Minion Pro and Whitney Sans.

The front-end was coded in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This was the firs time I worked with templating and SCSS.