Oswald Labs

Oswald Labs is an award-winning accessibility technology company. With their inclusive product portfolio, they've impacted thousands of lives throughout the globe.

About the project

I co-founded Oswald Labs with Anand Chowdhary in 2016 with the aim of creating technology which was accessible to everyone. Over the past few years, running this startup has taken up the majority of my time. Being a research-driven company, caring about user experience and building empathy is key to shaping our products.

While it is not possible to explain the nuances of this mega-project within the scope of this webpage, you can scroll down to read a brief description of each of the products we are currently working on.

Alternatively, you can click on this link to visit our website and learn about the technology we are building.

The products


Agastya is a solution for web developers to help incorporate accessibility features in their websites. By adding just one line of JavaScript code, you can make your website accessible to a much wider audience. You can customize the widget, view usage anayltics, and more.


  • Dyslexia-friendly mode
  • Content extraction and read aloud for the visually impaired
  • Blue light filter
  • AutoALT
  • Advanced analytics
  • Multilingual support
A preview of the Agastya plugin


Shravan is the world’s first end-to-end accessible smartphone OS. With our patent-pending speech and vibration technology, Shravan can be easily used by the visually impaired, the unlettered, senior citizens, and everyone in between.


  • Voice assistant
  • News, search, and internet
  • Music streaming
  • Health and emergency
  • Aadhar integration
  • Free messaging


Valmiki is an extension for Chromium-based web browsers like Google Chrome and Opera that changes the look and feel of the entire internet based on your reading preferences. It works for people with learning disorders, eye defects, and everyone else.

A preview of the Valmiki extensions

Augmenta11y and other apps

Recently, the R&D and engineering teams at Oswald Labs have been engaged in building a family of apps which can be installed on any smartphone to make the world around them more accessible.

Here are a few of them:

  • Augmenta11y: Augmented reality app for people with dyslexia
  • Live subtitles: Conversational captioning app for people with deafness
  • Visib11y: Object recognition and navigation app for people with blindness
  • Wikibility: Wikipedia referencing app for people with disabilities